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To the trades: We are the designer’s designer.  

PRB Interior Designs not only works directly with the customer but we will work together with the trades (other designers, architects, engineers, general contractors, MEP specialists, manufacturers, installers, and more) to ensure your projects are efficient and effective in creating a functional, beautiful interiors. 

1. Looking for a reliable resource that will save you time measuring existing spaces, developing new scaled/ dimensioned plans and creating construction documents for all your trades to work from?

PRB Designs works with several contractors that value our attention to detail and expedited service when renovating residential and commercial spaces.  We save you time and money by creating accurate drawings that can be used as a construction documents for installation, permitting and presentations to your client. 

2. Do you ever wish someone could just come in and design with the client, pull all their ideas together and then you can just execute? 

We will work with the client on your behalf to provide accurate and detailed floor plans, elevations and 3D renderings to ensure the clients vision is approved before demo even begins.  We will deliver easy to read space plans/ CAD drawings, elevations and specification documents for use by all trades. 

3. Architects and Engineers have a very particular set of skills, often times considering the interior design of a space.  If I have one professional why do I need another?   

As an experienced designer, just because it fits, doesn’t mean that’s where it visually or ergonomically belongs.  PRB Designs will compliment their services in a way that brings efficiency and beauty to the end user.   We don’t rework your designs or try to overpower the design conversation; we come in to simply and efficiently enhance the interior design aesthetics with our systematic approach.  

4. As an interior designer you can visualize how the space will look but you might not be apt at presenting your vision to your clients.  Do you need assistance for just the technical stuff?

You know you can make the space look great, but maybe it’s the furniture plans, custom cabinet elevations, or 3D renderings that hold you back from a truly stellar presentation.  You’re great at selecting the finishes from top to bottom and pulling the look together but you need the technical assistance to elevate your vision and bring the look to life.  We will work with you and for you to develop a cohesive design concept to present to your client... they don't even have to know we assisted. 

5. Are you on project overload?  Would a second set of hands on a particular job be helpful? 

PRB Designs will work with you or for you based on your needs.  We can work as a member of your team or we can bring in our support as an added resource to your project.  We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we do know our best work comes from collaboration and brainstorming with the trades and clients to provide the best possible outcome for the end user and the space.

Still have questions?  Please email us at or call 302-668-7336 for a complimentary consultation.