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To the Home Owner: We are a community resource. 

“Having a warm home that looks good and works well, and that you and your family and friends enjoy, must be one of the most worthwhile things in life…” Terence Conran, The House Book, 1974

1. You’ve spent time doing the research, asking friends and family for their opinions but you are still worried you might miss a detail.

No matter what they say, no one cares as much about your project as you.  You know what you want but you’re not sure how to ask for it and demand that it be done properly without pissing off your tradesmen.  PRB Designs can come in as your consultant to make sure that all of your requests and questions are answered prior to the start of your project – yes, even before demo day.  This allows you to have clarity and intentional solutions when a problem approaches. 

2.You spend time on Pinterest, browsing magazines and watching HGTV.  You know the look you want but don’t trust your own decisions to create a cohesive look.

Not only have we been educated on color theory, material selections, accessibility, aging in place, green design and prototyping but Pauline has taken many continuing education courses that specifically focus on aesthetic influences, human factors, sensory considerations and universal design to ensure your vision is brought to life.  Picking a look is often the easy part but specifying, implementing and project management is where your knowledge is put to the test.

3. You’ve read reviews and asked for reliable recommendations but you still aren’t sure who to trust, where to get started or how to make your project happen. 

While we wish we could tell you, “just trust me, it’ll be fine,” that’s probably not going to ease your concern.  An interior designer can often get you started on your design journey.  A major benefit of hiring a designer is that you can truly compare contractor estimates apples-to-apples because everything will be drawn out and in writing.  It is a great solution to ensure the price quoted is covering all areas of the job you want completed.   Not only will you be able to price it with your contractor, your designer should be able to suggest a few trusted resources of their own. 

Also, there are many tips and tricks to the trade that you pick up after you deal with the same kinds of people for over a decade.  It's kind of like when you go back to your favorite bakery, but you notice your cake doesn’t taste quite right because they skimped on an ingredient (usually the most expensive one because, “they’re all the same thing"). 

4. You’ve just moved into the perfect home, in the perfect location BUT it doesn’t quite feel like home… yet. 

Home is where the heart is, not where the lighting is perfect.  I say this all the time because sometimes people get caught up in the look of a home rather than the feeling it brings to you.  This may be a little harsh, but I'd like to invite you to consider that you may need a little design assistance in creating a space that is functional, comfortable, and reflects who you and your family are not just seeking compliments from your friends and family.  Our consultations are complimentary so feel free to reach out.

5. On the contrary, maybe you’ve lived there for 20+ years and are ready for a change but don’t know what options you have within your own space because you’ve become reserved to the way things are.

A lived-in home is the best home!  You’ve had time to determine what works and doesn’t work.  You’ve had many life changes occur so you know your needs or future wants.  You’ve probably even considered packing it all up because “this house just doesn’t work.”  These are all great predicaments to be in and even though your eyes may be closed to ideas, I’m sure your house is still open to possibility.  Our consultations are complimentary so feel free to reach out.

6. You’ve started your project but now feel bogged down with each and every design detail from paint, to hardware, to light switch location and all you really wanted was a space that is unique to you and reflects you who are. 

This is our life every day!  We get it.  We would say that it is never too late to pull us into the project.  We obviously love to be included in the beginning but we can pick up from wherever you’d like us to and help you effectively and efficiently complete your project... even take care of all those tiny, yet intimidating, details you can't be bothered with. 

7.Overwhelmed with lingo?

Is your painter is talking to you about satin, eggshell or glossy, let alone what color(s) you want...

While your contractor needs to know your flooring selection asap for ordering (hardwood, engineered hardwood, pergo, carpet or tile)...

Don’t forget the coordinating countertop selections (granite, solid surface, quartz, laminate)...

Oh and the furniture warehouse needs your fabric selections, wood stain, cushion content and accent trim pieces to begin the manufacturing process. 

There are a lot of small details that go into making a house and home and reflective of the occupants inside.  It is our job to make sure that all of those details are cohesive, cost effective and executed in a timely fashion.  We become your design liaison to make sure you get the end result out of your renovation. 

8.You charge me for your time AND you mark things up?  

Yes, I charge for my time, but no I do not mark things up.  Often I even pass along my designer discount to my clients.  I find that having an open costing process makes for a much easier conversation about the cost of goods (furniture, fabric, window treatments, lighting, etc.) and services (contractor, plumber, electrician, etc.).

9. If you pass your discount along that must mean you can only work with affiliated companies?

While I do pass my discount along, when it is available, I can work with any “to the trade” company that I like.  If you’d like to have high-end furniture that is completely custom to you, I have a resource for that who will offer a discount.  If you prefer to be cost effective and use online places like Wayfair or brick and mortar stores like Raymour & Flanigan, Pottery Barn or West Elm I have resources for that as well.  If you are looking to have a one-of-a-kind piece made just for you, there is no discount for that, but I do have resources that can create almost anything you can dream up. 

10.You don’t know what you don’t know. 

If you prefer, we can be used just as a consultant if you are choosing to be your own project manager or general contractor.  You may have some tradesmen that you already like working with and you may just need a few resources for others.  But what better way to make sure everyone is on the same page (and not having to remember every single conversation and detail) than to have it all in writing with a demo drawing, design/ build drawing, elevations for tile/ built-ins, lighting plan and a finish schedule indicating where everything goes?  As a consultant we guide you through the design/ construction processes, which we’ve heard many, many horror stories about. 

“When you get your house in order, other parts of your life just start to follow.”    - Maxwell Gillinaham-Ryan, Co-Founder, Apartment Therapy 

Still have questions?  Please email us at or call 302-668-7336 for a complimentary consultation.