1. Is your work space conveying the message of your brand?

If you invite clients to your space, your space is just as valuable as your business card.  It gives an essence for who the company is, the culture in which you operate and how you conduct your daily business.  It can impress or deter your average client.  BUT, it also needs to service your employees in a way that will make them happy, healthier, and more productive.  A good staff morale is key in a successful business. 

2. Are you maximizing the use of each space for optimal return on investment?  

Square footage is king.  You don’t want a space too big that you can’t financially afford its upkeep, but you also don’t want a space so small that you (or your team) can’t properly complete simple tasks comfortably.  We can do a needs assessment that will provide rough layouts for you if you are looking at multiple space options. 

3.Do you and your employees feel more productive, energized or invigorated when working in your space?

According to a recent study, 89.5% of your time is spent indoors (11 hours a day at home and 8.5 hours a day at work).  The quality of life in each of your spaces should be top-notch.  Let me repeat myself, I said, “top notch” not expensive, luxurious or overpriced.  Sometimes there are simple solutions to your design problems:

- Natural light can increase alertness by 10%
- Office plants increase productivity by 38% and reduce fatigue by 20%
- Adding a water feature can increase well-being by 47%

There are many senses that people overlook when focusing on the visual aesthetic only.  The sounds you hear, the scents you smells, the materials you touch, the relationships you build with your co-worker, the emotions that arise in certain rooms/ situations all play a factor into how successful your company will be.  Working with an interior designer will assist you in thinking through all of these scenarios so you can create an optimal working environment. 

4. Are you looking for someone who goes beyond what the space will look like?

Not only do you have to consider the aesthetics (colors, patterns, textures), the lighting (task, ambient, natural) and the function (desks, workstations, storage) – which I’m sure you already thought of.  But did you know you should really consider the air flow and quality, ergonomic seating solutions, acoustical values of your materials, egress routes in case of a fire (along with other safety features), accessibility access for clients, office adjacencies, and many other design concepts?  All of these elements working together with ensure you have a well-designed workspace.


Still have questions?  Please email us at Pauline@PRBdesigns.com or call 302-668-7336 for a complimentary consultation. 


You’ve spent weeks, months, possibly even years creating the perfect brand.  Your business cards are perfect, your promotion material shares your message, your website is making you money… but what about the space you work in? 

To the Small Business Owner: WE STAY IN OUR LANE

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