When they say family owned and operated they mean it!  I first met Dan (the son of the owner) in 2018 and I was instantly drawn in by his charisma, passion and honesty when dealing with projects.  We soon learned that his father started the company many moons ago and then his son is the next generation of the business.  With 3 different skill sets and generations working together there isn't any electrical project they can't handle. 

Contact info: 302-373-4124 or mitchellelectricllc@outlook.com

I have no famous names to drop or high-end galleries to visit but I do have humble, honest and hardworking resources that I'd like to share with you. This is about making smart decisions and good choices while using trusted resources.  I have either worked with or for every single one of the companies named below. This is not about "kick-backs" or referral fees (that's why I'm so generously sharing them with you!), these companies all provide a top-notch level of service that I believe should be an industry standard.  I can't do what I do without them, so go ahead, take a chance and let me know how they do - accountability is everything! 

​**Designer caveat** Not everyone will be your cup of tea. That is why we have multiple resources for similar services.  The best design relationships are built on clear communication, willingness to discuss ideas, and honest feedback.  Be conscientious in your choices.  


Robert is such a kind man who knows his stuff. His service area includes anything from the mainline to the shoreline, and if you're in one of those areas great!  However, he will make exceptions and is often willing to work in my local area of Wilmington and sometimes further south.  He is a great resource if you are looking for custom window treatments, reupholstering and that personalized touch. 

Contact info: 609-707-7742 or robert@cwrak.com

​Website: www.customwindowrak.com

Dan and Dianne will illuminate ANY space for you.  Their knowledge and expertise in the lighting and lighting design field are unmatched.  They work through the problem with you, communicate concerns, and give you cost effective solutions and advice.  They have been my preferred lighting vendor for over a decade.  They know their shit! 

Contact info: 302-992-9688 or dianne.garcia@colonialelectric.com 

Website: www.brightlightdesigncenter.com

Staging and Design are not the same thing.  It's not even interior decorating.  Mary Karakashian of Unique Home Staging has a completely different skill set than ours and we love what she can create!  Mary's draws you in with her positive attitude and then draws buyers in with her creative eye.  When we work with house flippers we always recommend Mary to get it staged to sell! 

Contact info: 302-832-7051 or Mary@uniquehomestaging.com

​Website: www.UniqueHomeStaging.com

engineering  services 

Randy Jones and I recently connected, but have been a dynamic duo ever since.  Working on projects ranging from full condo renovations to cozy kitchens and bathrooms.  Randy is a meticulous contractor with a close eye on every detail.  Our favorite thing about Randy is his willingness to discuss any option we propose, as long as it gives the client the best results.  

Contact info: 302-635-0375 or sales@fineremodelingde.com

Website: www.FineRemodelingDE.com 

Studio 882 is an impressive showroom with all the manufacturers you know and love: Baker, Hickory, Charleston Forge, Jessica Charles, Taylor King, Ralph Lauren, Vangueard and more.  They are a designers dream team.  Kelly Johnston is our key contact and extremely helpful when bringing in clients that are looking for individualized attention.  

Contact info: 610.314.8820 or Kelly@studio-882.com

​Website: www.studio-882.com

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Johnny Janosik is my go-to spot for semi-custom furniture. You may not be able to pick every detail, but you can pick your back style, arm style, seat depth, and foot style/ finish with the Hickory Craft selection at JJ's - and Esther Joseph is my go-to gal for the semi-custom questions!

Contact info: (302) 875-5955 or esther.joseph@johnnyjanosik.com

​Website: www.johnnyjanosik.com/

Whether it's a few tasks around the house or you need all the cabinets replaced in your kitchen, Chris Basilio of CB Home Improvements has been our first call.  Not every job needs a contractor and often times we find that a skilled, well-rounded handyman such as Chris can get the job done quicker and at a better price.  He's even done work at my own home! 

Contact info: 484-401-8232 or cbasilio@cbimprovements.com 

Website: www.CBImprovements.com


My girl Shea, another AIPh alumn and master chef, takes care of all of our catering needs. We host multiple events for non-profits and every time they are a home run. She does more than catering though, she is also a private chef, has meal prep services and will teach cooking classes. It may seem simple but we always order her egg rolls for our personal events because she puts a fun spin on all her edible creations. 

Contact info: 267-254-2344 or Tkoent01@gmail.com

​Website: www.tkotastycreationsllc.com

other trades we often need & use

I will be the first one to tell you that Jason Silvis, of Telepathy Networks, does a lot of things that I can't begin to comprehend.  However, what I do know he does well is service my clients.  If you are tech-savvy person yourself you might be interested in his home-tech solutions such as installing remote controlled projectors and entire home surround sound systems.  Yea, it's pretty badass.  

Contact info: 302-359-0033 or jason@telepathynetworks.com

​Website: www.TelepathyNetworks.com

As their tagline says, yes you can use them for "All your life's celebrations" but Chrysa and her team offers a very specific service to our clients.  When clients downsize they often like to curate, sell, or hand-down their treasured pieces to their family members.  Her compassion paired with her know-how is the perfect solution for our clients looking to downsize their jewelry collection as well.  We love working with Chrysa Cohen of Continental! 

Contact info: 302-475-2000 or chrysa@continentaljewelersinc.com

​Website: www.ContinentalJewelersInc.com

Ralph and Nick are a superb team.  Nick is our main contact and he is always responsive and involved with the outcome of the job.  I don't often get a call for someone who needs exterior work completed but when I do I know that I can trust Nick and the R. Short Roofing team to take care of them.  

Contact info: 302-293-5111 or n.vcontracting@yahoo.com

​Website: www.www.rshortroofing.com

Eric Parsons is my go-to guy.  He has owned and operated New Castle County Flooring and Remodeling for decades.  I rely on him when I have structural changes, need sound advice and a friend in the field who gets it.  A fun fact: I spent my 21st birthday with Eric renovating a condo in Washington D.C. We have completed over 50 projects together and still going strong... needless to say we've been together for a long time.  

Contact info: 302-218-0507 or ecparsons71@gmail.com

Customization is key with Megan Varley, the owner and lead designer at The Surface Restoration Company.  She is skilled in custom epoxy pours for any area of your home (countertop, floor, wall) that will add a personalized touch, as well as, saving you money with sandless hardwood floor repairs that brings your wood back to life without the mess of sanding them! We love brainstorming fun and funky ideas with her. 

Contact info: 302-397-7904 or info@surfacerestorationcompany.com

​Website: www.www.SurfaceRestorationCompany.com

Dave Sterling is a quirky guy in the best kind of way.  He is very easy going and has an earnest need to help others. He has personally moved my husband and I into our first house, as well as, many of our client who were downsizing, relocating and moving to assisted living.  Dave has many services including: U-Haul rentals, COWS (Containers On Wheels), and will even pack your stuff for you! 

Contact info: 302-562-5351 or davesterling66@yahoo.com

​Website: www.delawaremovingandstorage.com

Kathy & Dave Stracke are extremely professional business owners with years worth of knowledge and expertise.  Each paint job we've completed with them, they've not only provided a pleasant experience but have exceeded the customer's expectations. They are quick to respond and have met numerous tight deadline and turn around times for clients.  Kathy is even my second set of eyes as a color consultant! 

Contact info: 302-521-5441 or kathy.stracke@fivestarpainting.com

​Website: www.fivestarpainting.com/wilmington-de

Did you know we have an engineering consultant on our team? Mozella Richardson Kamara, P.E. is a dynamic, detailed oriented Professional Engineer with just the right mix of education, training and experience to lead any team to a successful high quality result. No project is too big nor is any task too small.  Mozella has consulted with us on numerous projects and brings a unique design eye to every situation.  

We work directly with Mozella to complete all projects, so reach out to us today!  302-668-7336

I have known Bryan Cohen since 2008. Our first job together was at the Watergate Tower in Washington D.C. He not only did the standard painting of an entire condo but he did magnificent faux finishing. He has such a creative mind and his talent is boundless.  I haven't found anything that he can't improve and make beautiful.  Bryan's skills with a paint brush are incredible to see in person.

Contact info: 302-476-9284 or  bfc318@gmail.com

Website: www.bfcpainting.com  

I have been working with the Blind Factory team for over a decade, and now work directly with Denice Baker.  She has been in the game for a long time and knows her business.  They help me think through all the possible solutions to offer (and there are a lot with window treatments), as well as, keeps me up to date on the latest trends.  Chet is an expert installer with years worth of experience.  He is a great troubleshooter in the field and always has a visually pleasing solution to all situations.  The team cares about the outcome for the client.  The Blind Factory is truly a one-stop shop if you want custom treatments with personalized attention to detail.  

Contact info: 302-998-9616 or denice@blindfactoryinc.com

Website: www.blindfactoryinc.com

design trades

BAR & ASSOCIATES INTERIOR DESIGN.  Val and Burt are a dynamic duo and they make things happen.  I have worked with both of them for over a decade, when I first entered the industry.  Val has a great design eye and sense of style.  Burt is a master craftsman and can take any reupholstery project and make it not only perfect but give new life as well.  I cannot say enough good things about them and will continue to use them for all of my reupholstery needs in the future.  

Contact info: 302-999-9233 or  barinteriors@verizon.net

Website: Not available.  The showroom is on Old Capital Trail 

If you need it gone these are your guys! They move almost anything (except hazardous waste) and make sure that anything that is able to be donated is given back.  They do all types of services from moving to packing and cleanout to disposal.  JDog is veteran and military family owned an operated.  Know that you are in good hands with Kyle Wheeler and the team.  

Contact info: 302-536-5885 (844-GET-JDOG) or kwheeler@jdog.com

​Website: www.jdogjunkremoval.com

We can't say enough good things about the ladies at Something's Unique! Everyone there is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.  They make the decorating process fun!  From custom to casual, sofas to sectionals, and bed frames to picture frames.  Somethings Unique only carries Lee Upholstery and are an exclusive retailer. Lee is a 50 year old, American-made furniture manufacturer and a leader in environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.  Lee Industries encourage communities to shop their local retailer and showcases artisans and small shop owners in the same community.  We love Lee and Lee loves local! 

Contact info: 302-426-1950 or info@somethingsunique.com

​Website: www.somethingsunique.com

There is never a shortage of good things to say about Lynn.  You probably wouldn't associate an interior design firm with a senior placing agency, but we work together all the time!  And that's because of Lynn Paxson.  She in continually committed to giving her client the best service possible and when that means they need to have all or most of their stuff go with them we make it happen - together.  Lynn is an incredible human being and takes care of life's situations in the most challenging times.  

Contact info: 302-668-0298 or lpaxson@youroasisadvisor.com

​Website: www.OasisSeniorAdvisors.com

I may not know the owner, but I know the owner's daughter. Sarah Boyce has been a part of Aire Serv since she was in a booster seat in her dad’s truck.  Sarah is a superstar who handles every circumstance with grace and ease.  When we need HVAC done quick, but still done right and with care, we call the team at Aire Serv. 

Contact info: 443-350-0174 or sarahb@youraireserv.com

Website: www.AireServ.com

PACK MULES MOVING. We have worked with Ali Wilson and his wife, who helps run the show, for many years while at Raymour & Flanigan.  He was always our go to mover/ pick up person when you are looking for quality service and those furniture stores are charging just a little too much for delivery.  Ali makes every move easy and efficient - he's even done same day service for us.  Schedule your pick up with him today! 

Contact info: 215-834-4401 | 215-460-8263 or packmules.ali@gmail.com​

This is not just your service repair man.  Doug is a naturally talented master plumber who gives it to you straight.  He will not sell you into something you don't need or upcharge you for any work you actually do require.  My favorite thing about Doug is I can rely on him to compliment my services and make me look good with quality workmanship.  

Contact info: 302-993-6116 or doug@assuranceplumbingcompany.com

Website: www.AssurancePlumbingCompany.com

Kristen is the carpet/ rug royalty - literally!  Lang's has been a family owned business for 4 generations.  Kristen is following the family trade - she knows her carpets, rugs, fibers, finishes, and manufacturers.  She is our go-to resource when taking on flooring challenges.  I definitely recommend stopping in their showroom for all your carpet and rug needs... Charlie is also the cutest, most lovable and playful associate they have. 

Contact info: 302-655-1533 or kristinlang@langcarpet.com

​Website: www.langcarpet.com

If you need an appliance expert you've found it in Rich McCann!  Before starting with Hawkins, Rich worked for HH Greg, so he has years of experience and training regarding all appliances.  His is also patient with me and my customers.  Whether it's quality, budget, style or functionality that you're looking for Rich can steer you in the right direction and educate you along the way.  I always learn something new when I visit him at the Hawkins & Son showroom.  

Contact info: 302-998-1010 or rich@hawkinsandsons.com

​Website: www.hawkinsandsons.com

Phil Wright is a skilled contractor and knows his stuff. Phil and I have worked on numerous projects together, including many outdoor entertaining areas and his knowledge to bring your vision to life is remarkable. We love working with Phil for his patience, understanding and willingness to work together - he is so laid back! 

Contact info: 443-309-4082 or phil.pwconstruction@gmail.com