Did you know we have full service interior design packages available?  We take care of everything from: scaled plans, detailed elevations, material selection, project management and more! 


Maybe you have an exterior project that you'd like help with.


We even work outside the home! 

Yes, we can help you with your office space as well. Learn more below. 

Below is a collection of a few decorating projects we've completed throughout the years.  Often times we find people have pieces they'd like to reuse but can't find the right accent pieces to make the look come together.  Other times people contact us because they've lived in their home for 2 years and it still doesn't feel like home and they are finally ready to complete a home make over.  We also work with people who are preparing to move - maybe you need a plan to decide what existing pieces will fit, determine what size the new pieces can be and how it will all work together to create a cohesive look.   PRBdesigns assists our clients in many areas and phases of the decorating process ensuring they receive the best possible services to achieve their desired outcome.  A home doesn't serve you when it complicates your life and takes more than it gives.  We aren't your average "pillow peddlers" we design with stories, not stuff.  We work with and for you.  

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