Contracting With Your Contractor: Questions to ask and the answers you need to make your design project a success. Know who you need, where to find them and how to get them to call you back! We share our insider tips from decades of experience working with contractors. 



We're sharing lessons learned, designer tools, quick tips, helpful tricks, really cool resources and rambunctious rants so you are prepared and pumped for your next design project. You will also get to know us on a more personal level. 

The Power of Gantt Charts: ​Simplify schedules, communicate effectively, and take back the power! Here are a few examples of Gantt charts that you can request of your contractor or provide rough ideas yourself to get them to sign off on. 

Connect With Us! 

I have no famous names to drop or high-end galleries to visit but I do have humble, honest and hardworking resources that I'd like to share with you. This is about making smart decisions and good choices while using trusted resources.

Creating Livable and Likable Interiors: List, lingo and lessons you need to know before you get started.  

The Design Process... What to Expect: ​If you've never completed an interior renovation before just the process alone can be overwhelming. We've create a simple, easy to follow guide for how a typical project would look if you worked with us from start to finish, concept to creation.  

Let's Get Technical, Technical: Environmental considerations, space planning techniques, ergonomic recommendations, optimal lighting locations and universal design requirements to create the perfect space.  

Project Check Lists: Start with our room-by-room evaluations to plan for your ideal budget. 



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Make The Most of Your Measurements: How-to create a detailed, scaled drawing for your space and maximize it's usage. 

Interior Designer Questionnaire: ​Thinking through design decisions before your project even begins! Think critically and really get to know your project. We are sharing the same form we use at each consult with you so you can begin to think in-depth about what problems you're solving and the outcomes you desire.